As we look ahead to the new season, 在这篇学术博客中,冰球突破找到了大学学生板球的负责人, Alfie Marston, and Course Leader for the new Integrated Masters in Cricket Coaching and Management and Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching Science, 克雷格·威廉姆斯在冰球突破官网讨论所有关于板球的事情.  

First up, we’re keeping an eye on the progress of UW graduates Dillon Pennington and Pat Brown, and current physical education student Adam Finch in Worcestershire’s pre-season game against Warwickshire. Back at UW, 首席板球教练,最近毕业于华盛顿大学体育教练科学, Alfie Marston, puts the University players through their paces as they gear up for their opening game of the season: The annual varsity fixture against the University of Gloucestershire. Alfie is an ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) Level 3 qualified coach and is keen to build on the successful performances of the winter indoor season, 球队进入了BUCS全国室内半决赛.

Cricketers March 2022

2022赛季是阿尔菲作为大学主教练的第一个赛季, 而且,他渴望在主持这个项目时给人留下积极的印象. Reflecting on his journey to date, Alfie said:

“My undergraduate degree taught me so much and through the opportunities to coach at the cricket programmes at Malvern College, 伍斯特郡板球委员会和萨福克板球途径, whilst studying was incredible. I developed a range of skills and knowledge that have helped me prepare for my ‘Head of Cricket’ role. We have some tremendous players in both our men’s and women’s programme here at UW and with all the cricket developments coming to Worcester, 比如新的国际包容性板球中心, 在伍斯特参与板球运动真的是一个令人兴奋的时刻.”

Craig Williams, course leader for the new Integrated Masters in Cricket Coaching is equally thrilled about the evolution of cricket at Worcester:

冰球突破正在迅速接近大学板球运动令人兴奋的时期. With the new Integrated Masters in Cricket Coaching and Management academic course starting in September (2022), we will welcome students from around the world with a passion for cricket coaching, management, and development. Added to this, with the excellent recent news that Worcester City Council’s planning department have given the University the green light to develop the new International Inclusive Cricket Centre, 能成为大学板球运动的一员真的是一段美妙的时光.” 

The new International Inclusive Cricket Centre will be developed on the University’s Severn Campus, 距离标志性的新路板球场不到半英里, the home of Worcestershire County Cricket Club (WCCC) and the Worcestershire Cricket Board (WCB).

UW Indoor Cricket Team Jan 2022


中心本身将为精英提供一个家, 各种能力和残疾的草根和娱乐玩家. Craig said:

“有这么多不同的板球团体进入这个设施, this fantastic centre will have the potential to engage so many people on a daily basis and demonstrate the power that sport, 板球可以团结和激励个人.” 

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB), WCCC, WCB and the University combined to host international physical disability cricket competitions. With teams from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan joining the England team for a series of one day fixtures with the semi-finals and finals played at New Road. 还有代表英格兰的大学球员, such as, Will Flynn and James Nordin, other students gained valuable experience in organisational roles including Team Liaisons, Team Managers, Ground Logistics and Performance Analysis.

Craig Williams says: “Students will play a pivotal role in supporting the vast range of groups that utilise the new Cricket Centre in areas such as coaching, teaching, managing, and analysing performance. These opportunities will provide our students with the applied experience to underpin and enhance their academic practice, 因为冰球突破帮助支持他们成功发展他们的就业技能.”

The Integrated Masters in Cricket Coaching and Management course has been developed with the support of organisations such as the ECB, WCCC, WCB and Gloucestershire County Cricket Board. 这门课程将为学生提供一系列技能, strategies, 和知识帮助他们支持未来游戏的发展. As well as studying in Worcester, the program has been developed so that students can study the first halves of year 3 and 4 in cricket playing areas overseas to expand their knowledge.

Alex Gidman and uw students

Supporting the local cricket workforce is a key part of the development of the new course and Cricket Centre. It will be important that students develop ECB coaching qualifications and attend associated CPD events. In November (2021), the University hosted the County Cricket boards coach education day. 来自伍斯特的教练,包括亚历克斯·吉德曼(WCCC一队主教练), Andy Sutton (WCCC Boys Pathway Development Officer) and Dan Such (Coach Education Officer for the Worcestershire County Cricket Board), 和阿尔菲·马斯顿一起为当地教练举办了一场教练教育活动, students from the University, and prospective students. 这次活动为学生们提供了一个见面的机会, 与有经验的专业教练联系并学习.

In March this year, 17 students at the University commenced the ECB’s core coach (level 2) award at the University of Worcester. The four-day course led by staff from Worcestershire and Warwickshire County Cricket Boards supports coaches to enhance their player centred approaches. 来自伍斯特郡板球委员会的首席导师丹·萨奇说:

“这所大学的学生在课程上表现出色,和他们一起工作很愉快. I am sure they will make a real difference to local clubs in the area this season as they begin to apply their new knowledge to practice.”

2nd 体育指导科学和残疾体育学生, Jacob Ward, enjoyed the course, stating: “It is great that we can do courses like the core coach award alongside our studies and I am looking forward to coaching this summer.”

So, what next for Cricket at Worcester? Craig summed up our conversation, 典型的积极方式:“伍斯特郡是一个县, has a proud history within the game of cricket, and we believe that with the new Integrated Masters in Cricket Coaching and Management, the International Inclusive Cricket Centre, and the collective energy of the University, Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Worcestershire County Cricket Board, the ECB and many others within the game, the University, the county and the region, we have the potential for a really exciting new chapter in the development of the game.”

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